"Thank you Ms. Voyles for the outstanding job you have done with our management staff and our entire line level staff. Your presentations really got all of our people to think of our guests in a new light. Our service improved dramatically and our guest service scores soared.”

Fred Harris, General Manager, Holiday Inn on the Lane

"Sallie has helped us work together as a team rather than individual silos. The training turned to organizational development, goal setting and strategic planning. She is an integral part of our team and a facilitator."

Kelley Hooper, HR Manager, Mobile Instrument Service & Repair, Inc.

"…The one-on-one coaching sessions have had a major impact to my success. You challenged me to get out of my comfort zone which at times was not the easiest thing to hear but were the correct direction to give. In retrospect the challenges that I faced this year and the progress made was directly due to your influence in the way I approached the challenges. I would not have been promoted or asked to work with the Executive Committee without the skills I have demonstrated due to your training…"

Michael S. Ellis, CPM, HCCP, Director of Asset Management & Investor Reporting, National Affordable Housing Trust

"I have been hearing significant kudos on your [Sallie Voyles] work yesterday with the Landscape Services Staff from both superintendents and the crews. They really enjoyed the workshop [Change...From Here to There] and are looking forward to further progress as we move ahead... I was very happy with what you presented and how you worked with the guys. Your professionalism, good humor and insights were excellent. I am looking forward to working with you more..."

Paul Walsh, Assistant Director, Landscape Services

Executive Coaching References

Ms. Michele R. Souder, Partner
Novogradac & Company LLP
11044 Research Boulevard
Building C, Suite 400
Austin, Texas 78759
Phone: 512-340-0420 x150
Cell: 512-431-2689

Mr. Russell T. Ginise
The Amerland Group
1967 Granville Road
Granville, Ohio 43023
740-321-1131 office

Ms. Connie Hawkins
Staffing Coordinator, Human Resources
614-566-4150 office

Ms. Annette Hanna
Investor Relations
National Affordable Housing Trust
2335 North Bank Drive
Columbus, OH 43220
614-451-9929 ext 106 office

Roger Campbell
Manager of Training and Development
MPW Industrial Services
740-927-8790 Ex 5688