About us

Announcement: Training for Success, Inc. is pleased to announce a second location in Charlotte, North Carolina. While our services are national, our intent is to expand our relationships in the southeast region of the United States.

In 2001 initial discussions with an Ohio executive served as the catalyst for launching Training for Success, Inc. (TFS). Included among his priorities were the challenges of finding a training and organizational development partner to focus on his business objectives:

  • Integrating a training program into the organizational culture
  • Developing and facilitating an organizational training program inclusive of core and elective programs supporting the business goals
  • Serving as a resource for individual and departmental strategic enhancement
  • Partnering with Human Resources to enhance the screening, interviewing and evaluation process
  • Providing leadership training to the Executive Committee

Sallie J. Voyles, president Training for Success, Inc., is an experienced educator, consultant, coach, human resources professional and corporate trainer. Her experience includes 11 years of teaching, 11 years of human resources, and 15 years in the corporate training arena.

Amanda Burger Allen is an experienced consultant with professional experience in the areas of marketing, the real estate industry e.g. Low Income Housing and Historic Tax Credits; organizational development, and corporate training..

Gene Klark is an experienced consultant with professional experience in the areas of real estate law, the real estate industry e.g. commercial real estate, Low Income Housing, Historic and New Market Tax Credits, etc.; organizational development.

Value-added Benefits
Experience in the educational arena, coupled with human resources, provides Training for Success, Inc. (TFS), a unique perspective when developing individual coaching and corporate training programs.  TFS  recognizes the requisite skills and is able to focus on enhancement/development.

 Related consulting opportunities such as recruitment programs and candidate interviewing provides an understanding of the human resource professional’s goals and objectives.

 Cross-industry exposure provides a broad spectrum of knowledge to customize or adapt your training programs.  TFS recognizes it is critical the content and presentation reflect a manner, that is credible and applicable to the targeted audience.

Expertise & Experience

  • Midwest Express Group -
    Training –the-Trainer program development & facilitation.

  • TOMASCO—awarded & designed the Continuous Skill Enhancement supervisory/management training series

  • Mobile Instrument - Awarded an on-going contract for supervisory / management, and national sales training; on-call con- sultation for organizational development opportunities

  • Standing Stone National Bank - Awarded the opportunity to design and facilitate the management training initiative