• Partner with TFS to customize training progams to your target audience.

    Enhance ROI through integration of your semantics, business priorities, and historical references.
  • Challenge team members to critically assess the performance of their respective areas.

    Provides a forum for focused discussion with objective assessment of processess and procedures amoung the organization's leaders.
  • Provides valuable information regarding orgainzational communication tendencies, hiring trends, and recurring procedural challenges.

    Better understanding your management team will let you better identify and address departmental silo issues.
  • A tutorial for caregivers to create a strategic plan written by Sallie J. Voyles, President, Training for Success, Inc.
    caregivers handbook

Advanced Leadership Development

The business of doing business evolves faster today than any other time in history.  As a result successful organizations are proactive and introspective through all levels of the organization.  Interaction needs to be frequent and candid.  Activities are driven by the vision and strategic plan.

Flexibility and change is part of the culture. These are critical components of organizational development.

Integral to the business strategy is an appreciation of, and a plan for, skill enhancement of all associates.

Experience in the educational arena, coupled with human resources, provides Training for Success, Inc. (TFS), a unique perspective when developing individual coaching and corporate training programs. TFS recognizes the requisite skills and is able to focus on enhancement/development.

Sallie J. Voyles, President, Training for Success, Inc. is an Sallieexperienced educator, consultant, coach, human resources professional and corporate trainer.